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I couldn't find what I wanted. So I created it.

For the last couple years (years people!), I’ve been SEARCHING the fabric world for rainbow fabrics that would work for my bindings.  i.e. – they needed to be the right colors, the right scale (small) and be reorderable.  But I could never find them!  Or if I could, they were gone again in a couple months. So frustrating.

Someone smarter than me said; “When you don’t see what you want

in the market, create it”. 

So, friends, that’s exactly what I did. (if you're curious, you can read more about the processhere.) 

Shop New Styles

I teamed up with fabric designer Kiley Ferons to create four EXCLUSIVE Bessie Pearl bindings that are launching TODAY! I mean, it's just me at home but still, CUE THE CONFETTI!  

What does this mean for you? 

  • Exclusive bindings you can’t get anywhere else 
  • I can keep these in stock all the time which means you can order it WHENEVER YOU NEED IT! 
  • For my wholesale customers – now I can offer these styles to you also! 

Rainbows and stripes are both so fun and you can absolutely find one that will go with your project. I can’t wait to see how you guys use them! 

And even better? I’m offering a deal just for YOU readers – use the code RAINBOW for 10% off all four of these new styles. 

Grab some and be sure to tag @bessiepearl so I can see what you create with them! 

Keep on sewing, 


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