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The Power of First Impressions: Why Your Packaging Matters

Alternate title – an ode to my love of beautifully designed cardboard 

Why does your packaging matter?  

“Packaging can betheater, it can create a story” – Steve Jobs 

These words from Steve Jobs highlight the immense power of product packaging. It’s the first thing a customer sees and touches, making an indelible first impression of your brand. 

Apple’s Iconic Packaging 

Apple iPhone is a classic example of great packaging – a package that is not just functional but also tells the story of the brand.  When you look at the iPhone box – it’s white, clean, minimalist. Everything has a place, nothing extra.  It directly reflects the brands value of beautiful, sleek, seamlessly designed products. 


My Packaging Journey 

When I started Bessie Pearl, I did it with my own startup money and didn’t have the funds to be able to invest in custom packaging.  So, I did my best with poly bags and custom labels and inserts. 

Where I started with my packaging - poly bags, brand stickers and cards.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to start moving towards wholesale and selling at in-person events and I KNEW that better packaging was going to be necessary for that next step.   

My vision for the new Bessie Pearl packaging included:

  • Sturdy kraft boxes to protect our products during shipping.
  • A clean, simple design that would enable customers to see the binding from the side (As simple as this sounds it was actually difficult! We usually look at a product from the front, but to best see the binding design when it is rolled, it needs to be seen from the side!)
  • Space to display product dimensions, website, and the Bessie Pearl logo.

I found a great graphic designer that worked with me and the packaging company to design the new boxes.  Are they perfect?  Nope!  But they are a huge improvement over the plastic bags that I was using for my wholesale orders and at shows and when customers tell me “I love your packaging!” it makes me so happy!  I love that it inspires them to create more, to try something new and to feel confident in the Bessie Pearl brand.  


Much improved!

What would I do differently?

I had to order like 4,000 boxes at a time so it will be a minute before I need more,haha!  But when I do there are a few things I’ll change.   

  • Size Matters: The box is actually a bit too big for most of my binding rolls, so I’ll make it smaller.
  • A Pop of Color: Color!  Still keep it simple and clean so the binding style is the star, but I think next time I would have them done in white with some color.  Something a bit more fun than the kraft cardboard. 
  • QR Codes for the Win: I decided, after printing them, that it was helpful to have a link to the size chart on the box so new ones will be printed with a QR code directing people to the size chart.  I had a QR code sticker made so right now I am adding the sticker to the boxes.

The Ultimate Small Business Hack: Invest in Packaging!

If you’re a small business owner, one of the best things you can do is invest in brand packaging.  And it can looksimple when you’re getting started!  But know that your packaging is telling your customer a story about your brand, and you want to make sure it’s a good one! 



Interested instocking Bessie Pearl bindings in your shop or for your business?  Find all the info on getting started here! 


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