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FAQ: Why the Name Bessie Pearl?

Spoiler alert – my name isn’t Bessie.   

But I get called that a lot online and I never mind!  It could be waaaay worse, right?  I mean, the internet isn’t exactly known forits kindness. 

Why the Name Bessie Pearl Binding?

One of the most common questions I do get isWHY the name Bessie Pearl Binding? 

Short answer –Bessie Hammock and Pearl Mosley were my grandmothers.  And I always loved their names together!  While they didn’t get the chance to spend a lot of time together (they lived in different states) when they did, my mom tells me they enjoyed each other’s company quite a bit and shareda love of their grandchildren. 

About Bessie 

Bessie – my mom’s mother – was a schoolteacher and mother to 4 girls.  And she sewed ALL of their clothing when they were little!  Can you imagine?  Sewing for her was functional and necessary.  She taught her daughters all to sew and then,later my mom taught me!  I actually still do ALL of my Bessie Pearl sewing on the Singer Featherweight that was hers, which I love.  I think she would just get a kick out having a business with her name on it. 

Bessie was married to her husband, George (who she called Jiggs, so sweet!) all of her life.  She passed away when I was in high school. Istillhave fond memories of summer vacations at her house in Florida and playing cards together.   

Bessie & George

About Pearl 

Sadly, I never had the chance to know Pearl – she passed away before I was born.  But my dad has told me lots of stories about her and while she didn’t do a lot of sewing, she did have a job ironing for awhile so I can completely relate to that! 

Pearl and my grandfather, Carol

The Meaning Behind the Name 

The name Bessie Pearl connects me back to the sewing tradition that has brought the women in my family together for the past three generations and I love that.  I know that even after my mom is gone, sewing will be something that reminds me of her love for me and the times we spent making a quilt or hand stitching together.  Isn’t it beautiful how it does that?  Something as simple as thread and fabric brings people together and creates space for family, love, and connection. 

Bessie and I at her 50th Anniversary Party. 

Y'all know I love you to put an awkward middle school photo of myself on the internet.

Bessie Pearl Binding exists to help you do the same.  It’s my hope that our products help you connect with others, show love to someone, and create space in your life for joy. 

Thanks for being here, 


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