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Using Ready-Made Bias Binding for Your Quilts


When you've spent countless hours piecing together a beautiful quilt top, you want the binding to be just as perfect. While making your own bias binding strips is always an option, using ready-made bias quilt binding has some significant advantages you might not know about!


Time Saving

 First and foremost, premade bias tape saves you a tremendous amount of time! Especially if you want bias binding – that can make your head hurt just trying to figure out the angles. 

 With premade bias tape, all those labor-intensive steps are already done for you. It arrives freshly pressed, rolled, and ready to be sewn right onto your quilt!

 So many times when I talk to my customers, they say that by the end of making the quilt they’re just ready to be DONE. Having ready-made quilt binding makes that last, final step easier and gets you to the finish line faster!


Consistent Heirloom Quality

 In addition to the time savings, our high-quality premade tapes are made from heirloom quality fabrics that have been precisely cut (by me!) on the bias to give you a straight, crisp binding every single time.  I promise – no cheap polyester fabrics here!  I source my fabrics from the same fabric companies you love (Art Gallery or Riley Blake, for example) so that you’re never sacrificing quality for convenience.  If I wouldn’t use it on my own quilt, I won’t sell it.


More Options!

 Choosing Bessie Pearl quilt binding also opens up so many creative options! Our bindings and bias tapes comes in a wide variety of prints, colors and sizes to perfectly coordinate or provide a contrasting pop against your quilt top.  

 And you can order exactly the amount you need!  Multiple yards will ship as one continuous piece so you won’t have to piece it together once it arrives.  Not sure how many yards you need?  Check out our size chart for help.

 Not sure which style is right?  Start with a bestseller – you can’t go wrong with any of those!  Or reach out to me and I’m happy to offer personalized suggestions.

 While making your own bias tape has its place, for most quilters the convenience of ready-made quilt binding is well worth it. You save valuable time, aren’t ever sacrificing quality, and have so many beautiful options.

 So get those beautiful quilts done and to the good part faster – the next quilt!

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